When This Local Dynamo Gets Her Hands on Something, Watch the Sparks Fly

In her free time, Jada enjoys spending quality time with her daughter, Taylor, and dogs, Rosie and Daisy.

In her free time, Jada enjoys spending quality time with her daughter, Taylor, and dogs, Rosie and Daisy.

The afternoon sun beats down on Jada Sparks as she sits submerged in the cool water of Lake Lemon, waiting for the signal from the boat. Within moments she’s approaching full speed, cutting back and forth, sending rooster tails in every direction. Her heart is pounding, her adrenaline pumping. It’s a rush Jada experiences often as a competitive water skier. Even though today’s excursion is for fun rather than for a trophy, this fierce competitor approaches it in the exact same manner. Jada only knows how to do things one way, head-on, with her best foot forward.

Redefining the Standard

Jada is the type of person who puts all of her energy into producing great results. When she sets her mind to something, watch the sparks fly. There’s no two ways about it, if this local businesswoman makes a goal for herself, it will happen. In fact, those closest to Jada will tell you she is a woman defined by her passion for pushing the standard and going above and beyond even her own expectations.

This approach has propelled Jada to success throughout her life. After earning her Master’s degree, she embarked on her career and discovered a genuine passion for helping people. True to her nature, she devotes herself wholeheartedly to her clients, her friends and family. As a dedicated mother, Jada instilled a similar work ethic and drive to succeed in her daughter, Taylor. To see Taylor blossom into an independent young woman who is making the most of her own opportunities in life is such a rewarding experience for Jada, who is extremely proud of everything her daughter accomplishes.

A Passion for Excellence

Jada dedicates herself to your important real estate goals as if they were her own.

Jada dedicates herself to your important real estate goals as if they were her own.

Where Jada’s “go for it” attitude really makes sparks fly is in her career as one of the area’s leading real estate professionals. Since she started her career in 2000, she’s been one of the top agents in the region and is perenially the #1 listing agent of more than 600 agents spanning the entire Carpenter REALTORS® organization. Jada is proof positive that when you do what you love, people love what you do.

Jada’s inherent drive to give her all in every endeavor is perhaps most apparent when she is working with her clients during one of life’s biggest investments: buying or selling a home. Combining her strong work ethic, lifelong knowledge of the community, depth of real estate expertise a passion for her work and determination, Jada continually exceeds her clients’ expectations. Always going above and beyond the call of duty is the only way this driven professional knows how to do business.

The Sparks for Your Success

When it comes time for you to make a move in Madison or Hamilton Counties, call the professional who gives you the advantage. Put Jada Sparks on your side and then Watch the Sparks Fly! With this experienced and determined individual guiding your every move throughout your real estate transaction, you have the power to realize your goals. So if you’re serious about making a successful move, give Jada a call today.


When you’re ready to make a move in the Madison County real estate market or Hamilton County real estate market, or you are specifically interested in Pendleton real estate, Anderson real estate or Noblesville real estate, call Jada Sparks to schedule a private consultation.

For Jada Sparks, giving 99 percent is never good enough. She is determined to give her all—and then a little bit more—in everything she does. This respected businesswoman understands that to spark success, hard work, commitment and focus are absolutely essential.